Book in a Graphic Designer

As part of Finds commitment to providing our local community with the best possible services we have provided you access to our graphic designer at a significantly reduced cost.


    At Find, we can create what you need. Each job will cost you a minimum of $55 (set up) and at least one (1) hour of work totally $77. For every additional hour it will cost you another $22. For instance, a job takes 3 hours, then it will cost you $55 + 3 x $22 = $121. Most flyers/ads, etc, can be created for less than $121.
  • Business Details

    Please provide the following details of the Business who we will be creating the design work for:
  • Contact Details

    The person who is submitting the design request on behalf of the Busienss and has the authority to do so.
  • Ready to Create?

  • Upload your Logo, Wording, Pictures here:

    Please upload as much information as possible to help us create the ad for you. Ideally, you will supply us with a word doc with dot points outlining how you think the ad should look. For instance: Heading: Sub-heading: Wording for Flyer et: Pictures & where to place: Logo: Where to place
  • Max. file size: 32 MB.
  • Further Information

    If you need to provide any further information to help us create your graphic design matter then please supply the information below.

Sample of jobs we have created:

Find Maroondah (
Find Booklets (
Camberwell Directory (